Rating Review Date
Lavender Woods Lavender Woods

Love the way the soap has nice fragrance but after using not over powering on skin. Soap doesn't leave a film on skin. I noticed my skin is soft and moist after using this soap. Will purchase more soap to use in kitchen as well as for bathing.

– Sandra on Lavender Woods
Mintnight Waters I'll buy more

Smells like evergreen trees to me. The soap smells great but doesn't leave me with a strong scent. Rinses off well and has plenty of lather (slightly less on first use). I'll definitely buy more.

– Jeremy on Mintnight Waters
Breakwater II Like a spring shower

"Reminds me of the smell you get after a warm spring shower in the woods fresh and natural. I like how it makes my skin feel and that it doesn't leave a smell on me. "

– Jeremy on Breakwater II